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Carlos Ibarra

Karlos Ibarra was born on March 27, 1995 in Guadalajara, Jalisco. Since 2012 he has stood out with his work in international competitions. Being creditor to the first place in the fifth issue of the International Art Contest on the Floor "Colors of Jalisco". In 2016 he was selected to be part of the Ninth Grupo Reforma Art Show with his work Red Friday.  


In 2017 he was part of the First Landscape Biennial "Luis Nishizawa" in the state of Toluca. In December 2019, he represented Mexico at the National Hall of Fine Arts that was held at La Carrousel of the Louvre museum in Paris, France. In 2020 he is represented by the Van Gogh Art Gallery in Madrid for the ART3F contemporary art fair that took place at the Luxexpo facilities in the city of Kirchberg, Luxembourg. Currently his work is exhibited in different galleries and museums in our country.  


He has been recognized by great painters as one of the most outstanding promises of his generation. His work is innovative because of the play that the artist creates by incorporating the quality of light with cold tones. Karlos Ibarra surprises with his proposal of contemporary elements within images that find power in social issues.  



(2014- 2019) Bachelor of Visual Arts Plastic Expression, University of Guadalajara.


National exhibitions:  


(2022) Us - Bruna Gallery - Guadalajara, Mexico.

(2021) Collective 2021 - Bruna Gallery - Guadalajara, Mexico. 

(2021) Rimbaud Collective - Rimbaud Art Gallery - Guadalajara, Mexico. 

(2021) Rediscovering - Museo Antigua Presidency of Zapopan - Zapopan, Mexico. 

(2021) Soul Container - Patricia Mendoza Art Gallery - San José del Cabo, Mexico. 

(2020) Visual Horizons - Home and Style - Guadalajara, Mexico. 

(2019) Creature - National Museum of Tequila MUNAT - Guadalajara, Mexico. 

(2019) Collective exhibition Jalisco - Congress of the State of Chihuahua - Guadalajara, Mexico. 

(2018) Young Painters - Hospicio Cabañas Museum - Guadalajara, Mexico. 

(2017) Pearls of Memory - Black Coffee Gallery Foundation - Guadalajara, Mexico. 

(2016)​​ 9th Art Show  Reforma Group - Mural Group, Reforma. - Guadalajara Mexico. 

(2015) CUAAD Art Show, University of Guadalajara, Mexico - Jorge Martinez Gallery - Guadalajara, Mexico  


International exhibitions:  


(2020) Collective Art Show - Van Gogh Art Gallery - Madrid, Spain. 

(2020) Contemporary Art Fair ART3F - Lux Expo - Kirchberg, Luxembourg.

(2019) National Salon of Fine Arts - Carrousel du Louvre -  Paris France. 

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